Mekan Global Team members have been active in providing strategic consultancy services in Business Development, Investment, Finance, Construction and Foreign Trade all around the world. We have Financial planners that have variable professional backgrounds and different levels of expertise. We want to ensure that all our clients are properly satisfied by tailoring our services to meet their unique needs. We simply want to help you achieve your goals.

Strategy & Consulting

We Set You Up for Success

Mekan Global has strategically positioned itself to work with project developers in any part of the world. Logical compatibility with our clients is essential to the quality of relationship which we seek to promote. An essential element of our strategy is to work with various assets such as gold and diamond to package funding for development projects. In addition, the focus is less on asset security and more on the utilization of Bank instruments to facilitate quick start-ups and full funding throughout Project lifecycle.
Our revenue comes from “success fees”. When deciding to take on a project we research it thoroughly to assess its viability and success criteria. We work with a few international and domestic clients at a time to ensure that the projects are given appropriate attention because the only way that we earn money is if our client receives the required funding. If you would like to begin the process, please take a look at all of our pages and use the Contact Us form. We aim to respond within three business days.
Because of our Banking affiliations, we have access to contacts and unique programs that are not commonly accessible or in public circulation. We have also managed the money of the mega wealthy, unlocked doors for them and helped them multiply their asset positions dramatically which gives us the expertise few others possess.
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